Release 2021-2 (27 Oct 2021)

  • The Surfer grid file export feature under the Plot File menu has been improved so the file imports as a text grid import file (*.grd) to Surfer without any modification needed.
  • In cases where the head drops below the base of an unconfined domain, the stored grid value is set to the base elevation.  This improves the appearance of exported grids when used in Surfer or other surface visualization tools.
  • Increased the marker size in plots of calibration target heads vs. modeled heads to improve plot appearance.
  • Fixed bug in automated run output of gridded data in transient models.
  • Fixed bug in multi-segment line pathlines, so pathlines starting from all segments of the polyline are drawn.
  • Fixed bug in Analysis/Check Boundary Condition at Latest Iteration, which had prevented display of this feature in the prior release.