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  • Release 2023-2-0 (18 December 2023)
    • Quick Designer and Deep Designer license options added, with expiry a year after purchase
    • Bug fix for exporting input files to Excel
    • Bug fix for time, step and period reporting of Head Dependent Line boundaries
  • Release 2023-1 (7 August 2023)
    • Parallel processing of matrix coefficients prior to solve algorithm at each timestep.  This reduces the time taken to solve.
    • Output to csv option incorporated for majority of outputs under ‘Analysis’ Menu, and when running automated from command line.
    • Batch processing option from command line which avoids the user interface from opening if running in fully automated mode.
  • Release 2022-2 (8 June 2022)
    • Installer includes the software publisher’s certificate
    • Added a button to the Coordinates window that reverses the order of vertices.  This is handy if you digitized a boundary in the opposite direction and want to reverse it.


Groundwater Science Textbook (3rd Edition) by Dr Charles Fitts.

Fitts Geosolutions founder Charles Fitts is the author of Anaqsim (analytic aquifer simulator), software for simulating groundwater. His renowned textbook, ‘Groundwater Science,’ is a staple in universities worldwide. The textbook thoroughly addresses the physical and chemical facets of groundwater, emphasizing its practical use in hydrogeology and effective water management.