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Equations40,000+Up to 2000Up to 2000
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Pricing FAQ’s

How does Anaqsim’s pricing work?

When you purchase a license you will receive a license code that is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.  You can activate this license on any computer, however once activated you cannot move it from one computer to another during the license period.  At the end of the year, your version of Anaqsim will revert to the ‘Demo’ un-licensed version and you will need to purchase another license code to continue using Anaqsim.

Can several people share an Anaqsim license?

The Anaqsim license will only cover a single computer.  It is however permitted for multiple users to remote desktop to that single computer as long as only one user is active on the computer at a time.  We currently do not offer a network licensed version which would  allow a single license to be shared non-concurrently between several machines.

We need to change the number of people in our team. How will that work?

Anaqsim is licensed on a per computer basis.  Therefore if an additional user requires access to Anaqsim, then either a license must be shared via remote desktop (See ‘Can several people share an Anaqsim license) or an additional license purchased.  The additional license will be valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Do you offer academic pricing?

We currently do not offer academic pricing, however the demo version of the software, which is typically sufficient for the purposes of teaching and using Anaqsim within course modules, is licensed for academic use. If you would like to discuss your particular academic use case further with us, please do get in contact.

I have just purchased the Quick Designer, but have realised that I need to upgrade to the Deep Designer license – What should I do?

If you have recently purchased a Quick Designer license, but have realised that you need the additional functionality of the Deep Designer license, then please get in contact with us.  We may be able to offer a discount on the Deep Designer license fee, to offset the purchase of the Quick Designer license, dependent on how much time has passed since the initial purchase.

Will I be charged VAT/GST?

Anaqsim is a Yellow Sub Hydro Company, registered within the UK.  Therefore all purchases within the UK will be liable for UK VAT.  Purchases outside of the UK are not liable for UK VAT, and other taxes will not be added. You may however be required to account for the Non UK VAT/GST on a reverse charge basis depending on the tax regulations within your own country.