Advanced Groundwater Modeling. Simplified.

Anaqsim is not just a tool; it’s a learning environment that transforms the way you approach the complexities of hydrogeology.

Sometimes Finite Difference Modeling and Finite Element Modeling are just not the right tool for the job.

Explore the Full Potential of AEM for Your Projects

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This tool simplifies your work, enabling rapid, adaptable, and flexible modeling of groundwater systems with less data and faster simulation times.


  • Adjusting your models on the fly to new data or scenarios
  • Enhancing your decision-making in managing water resources
  • Tackling contamination, and planning infrastructure

It’s Way Faster

Anaqsim is up to 2 to 4 times faster in creating your base model when compared to finite element, finite difference and finite volume methods. Your time savings increases as your model complexity increases. Also, since Anaqsim is based on a meshless method you can change all the features of your model with a few clicks making prototyping and redesigning extremely quick. You can spend more time testing solutions for your project and less time on meshing your model domain.

It’s Way Easier

Learning new software is a hassle. Fortunately, the learning curve on Anaqsim is mercifully shallow. With its focus on model boundaries, extremely flexible, and easily adjustable model domain you will be building your first models in minutes. Take advantage of our additional training products and you will be confidently building complex models by tomorrow.

It’s Way More Insightful

You are not building a groundwater model just to build a groundwater model. You are building a groundwater model to solve a problem, be that to forecast inflow rates, estimate travel times or to design a mitigation strategy etc. The best way to solve those problems is to prototype ideas, test assumptions and above all experiment! Prototyping, testing and experimenting is the best way to evolve your understanding of the problem and develop true insight into the best solution.

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Deep DesignerQuick DesignerDemo
Model layersUp to 15Up to 3Up to 3
Time periodsUnlimitedUp to 2Up to 2
Time steps per periodUp to 20Up to 5Up to 5
Equations40,000+Up to 2000Up to 2000
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Anaqsim Instructional Series (by flexAEM)Full set of 15 tutorialsFirst 4 tutorials
flexAEM Custom Tools: Model Feature Generator Toolkit
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