Groundwater. More insight, less time.

Anaqsim is the leading analytic element method for simulating groundwater flow. Perfect for quick analysis of simple to moderately complex problems

Used By / Whos using Anaqsim

Trusted by industryleading hydrogeologists, geologists, environmental scientists and engineers.

Key Features / 3 reasons to use Anaqsim

Empowering Precision in Water Modelling.

Gain more insight in less time

A quick alternative to finite element or finite-difference based models for modelling cases ranging from simple to moderately complex.

Fully transient with flexible layering

Ability to model spatially varying and transient boundary conditions in a flexible layering environment, allowing increased detail in areas of interest, whilst keeping the far-field simple

Feature rich with Anisotropy and fresh/salt water interfaces

An analytical model for solving not just theoretical textbook problems, but real-life messy problems

Use Cases / Where Anaqsim works

Since 2011, Anaqsim has been used on a range of groundwater projects of varying complexity.

Mine & Construction dewatering

Enables rapid testing of design concepts for dewatering strategies, costs optimisations, mitigation design testing and potential risk identification.

Regional aquifer flow

Allows quick development of conceptual models that can be tested against real-world data.

Well field impacts

Quickly simulate the impacts of well(s) location(s) to understand and address the potential impacts of wellfields.

Contaminant remediation

Quickly adjust your model to incorporate new 3D subsurface information for better understanding of even the most challenging in-situ groundwater remediation systems.

Infiltration mounding

Anaqsim becomes your most valuable tool in planning groundwater recharge and storage programs.

Capture zones

Simulate the movement of groundwater and assess the extent of the capture zone for informed decision-making.

Water injection

Manage model uncertainty with rapid prototyping of the system design in aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects.

Pricing / How much Anaqsim costs

Get started for free.

Download Anaqsim for free and dive into the world of fluid simulations. Upgrade to the paid version for advanced features, unlocking limitless possibilities for complex water modelling scenarios.




Ideal for personal or academic use on simple problems

Not for commercial use.



Per activation, yearly

Our full modelling solution, Ideal for commercial use and personal use for more complex problems

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System Requirements

System Requirements for Windows:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 1GB although 8GB+ helps with larger problems
  • Storage: 500MB
  • Internet Connection: Required for software activation and updates
  • Additional Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later

Unfortunately there is currently no support for MacOS or Linux.

Version History

  • Release 2023-1 (7 August 2023)
    • Parallel processing of matrix coefficients prior to solve algorithm at each timestep.  This reduces the time taken to solve.
    • Output to csv option incorporated for majority of outputs under ‘Analysis’ Menu, and when running automated from command line.
    • Batch processing option from command line which avoids the user interface from opening if running in fully automated mode.
  • Release 2022-2 (8 June 2022)
    • Installer includes the software publisher’s certificate
    • Added a button to the Coordinates window that reverses the order of vertices.  This is handy if you digitized a boundary in the opposite direction and want to reverse it.
  • Release 2022-1 (11 May 2022)
    • Eliminated delays that can sporadically occur when selecting Solve.
    • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when contouring a model with zero head difference and the contour increment set to zero.
    • This release was not announced, as the installer lacked the software publisher’s certificate.
Demo VersionLicensed Version
(inc B Corp and Academic)
Model layersUp to 3Up to 15
Time periodsUp to 2Unlimited
Time steps per periodUp to 5Up to 20
EquationsUp to 200040,000+
Activation & setup supportNoYes
Getting Started / Available Anaqsim resources

Everything you need to get going today.


Pumping Test

Dewatering Example


#Tutorial 1 Single layer modelling

Tutorial #1 steady, single layer

#Tutorial 2 Multi-layer modelling

Tutorial #2 steady multilayer

#Tutorial 3 Multi-layer modelling with 2 time periods

Tutorial #3 transient multilayer


  • Multi-Layer Models: Up to 15 levels, with layering scheme able to vary across the model
  • Transient Flow: Fully transient modelling using finite difference time steps and spatially-variable area sinks to model storage fluxes.
  • Aquifer Heterogeneity and Anisotropy: Confined, unconfined, and hybrid confined/unconfined domains.  Anisotropy can vary from one domain to the next
  • Full range of boundary elements: Wells – including multi domain wells, Lines – including rivers, fractures, drains and leaky barriers, Area Sink/Sources, including spatially variable sinks
  • Map-view plots: These include model elements, head contours, vectors, pathlines, and ability to annotate outputs.
  • Vertical profiles: These include head levels, domain boundaries, 3D pathlines, vertical leakage, and transient evolution thereof.


Our water modelling software has been extensively tested to ensure its accuracy and reliability. If you would like more information about the specific tests conducted, please see this page. If you have any questions, please get in touch and our team will be delighted to provide you with the comprehensive information you seek.

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